Snack Attack


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Q: What happens when Rex is played on an Unclaimed Dish?

A: When he is played, all the cards on that dish, including Rex, are shuffled back into the Deck. 

Q: Can Rex be played on Claimed Dishes?

A: Not by default! The naughty boy can only be played on Unclaimed Dishes, but you can enable a Variant Rule where he can be played on on Claimed Dishes as well.

Q: What’s the Variant Rule?

A: Remove all but 1 Rex from the Deck. When Rex is played on a Claimed Dish, everything on that Dish and Rex are shuffled back into the Deck. The now empty Dish remains in front of the player who Claimed it and is worth 0 Points.

Types of Flavours

Q: Which Flavours are the Bad ones?

A: Bitter and Sour are flavours that Nomnisaurs hate! They reduce the Point value of a Dish to 0 if it isn’t replaced with one they like before the end of each Round!

Q: What Flavours do Nomnisaurs like?

A: Nomnisaurs like Sweet and Spicy Flavours. (Yes, we know that the art for Spicy is misleading!)

Flavours and Dishes

Q: What Type of Dishes can Flavours be played on?

A: Flavours can be played on Claimed AND Unclaimed Dishes!

Q: If there are multiple Flavours on a single Dish, which one takes effect?

A: The last Flavour played on the Dish!

Q: Does the colour of the Dish mean anything?

A: Nope!

The Flavour Wheel

Q: Which Flavours beat which then?

A: The four Flavours in Snack Attack work the way that actual Flavours do—in a wheel! In other words, Sour beats Spicy, Spicy beats Bitter, Bitter beats Sweet, and Sweet beats Sour.

Q: Does this mean that having a certain Flavour on a Dish prevents one of others from being played on it?

A: Yep! For instance if the top Flavour is Spicy, Bitter cards cannot be played until that Spicy is covered up with something else.

The Flavour Wheel – Cont’d



Q: Does that mean you can you play Sweet or Spicy Flavours on Dishes preemptively to protect them?

A: Yes!

Q: What about skipping Flavours in the wheel?

A: You can do that too! For example, if your Dish is currently Bitter and you want to fix it, but don’t have a Spicy card, you can play a Sour and then a Sweet to fix it too!

I’m Still Confused!


Q: I’m STILL confused! Is there an easier way to play?

A: Yep! Just like with the variety of treats all being worth 1 point, simply treat Bitter & Sour as the same, and Sweet & Spicy the same as well!

I Have Too Many Friends!


Lucky you can increase the amount of friends you can play Snack Attack with by splicing 2 Decks together!

Be careful, though, as the game will be much more chaotic!