Dungeons & Dinos: The Card Game


“What dangers, treasures, and exciting fun will you uncover as you menace about the house?”

Dungeons & Dinos is a family-friendly, dungeon-crawler-styled card game full of chaos and laughs that was inspired by a deep love for D&D and other RPGs.

Aligning with our principles that gaming should be accessible for all, Dungeons & Dinos is simple to learn yet takes a lifetime to master, making it a fantastic introduction to the world of tabletop gaming and a great game for veterans of the genre alike.

In Dungeons & Dinos, players assemble a team of baby dinosaurs that dress up and go on a make-belief adventure around their neighbourhood. Their quest? To fully explore the dastardly Dungeon Deck and defeat the “Big Bad” waiting like a final boss at the very end!

But here’s the twist! You’re not a true hero. You’re just a kid playing as one!—And as would-be “adventurer”, nothing matters more to you than hogging all the glory for yourself!

That’s right! Dungeons & Dinos is a co-optional game where everyone “wins” together, but you can also win more than all of your friends by claiming all the Trophies by strategically delivering the final blow to Baddies and Looting everything that isn’t nailed down!

Start with Dungeons & Dinos – Base Game. When you want more variety, more baddies to bonk, and more shinies to hoard, you can add one (or more) of our Expansions to increase game length!


  • For Ages 12+ (Although we’ve found that some kids as young as 7 are able to play!)
  • 2-4 Players (+1~2 Players per Expansion)
  • 5 Mins to Learn

Accessibility Features:

  • Only 1 Card of Rules
  • ADHD-friendly Colours & Iconography
  • Dyslexic-friendly Font & Iconography
  • Video Tutorial
  • Dyscalculia-friendly Chits


  • 59 Cards
  • 1 Tuck Box