What Heads Are For!


“All Beefcake wants to do is play! But unable to express themself as well as how they would like, they bang their head! Soon, Momnisaur (and all of Beefcake’s friends) join in, and together they teach them what else they can do with their head!”

What Heads Are For is a short and sweet children’s book intended for kids between the ages of 3-5 that struggle with headbanging, an inability to express themselves, and potentially autism.

Written by Britt Hess & Derek Chung and illustrated by Jin Shim, this is the first in our new children’s book series. Made from a heavier weight of paper and coated paperstock the physical book benefits from being hard to tear and easy to wipe clean if needed.

Teacher? Educator? Therapist? We would love to share a copy and hear your feedback. Please get in touch with us here.